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You will find  options, inspiration and even answers to your questions surrounding world travel, education, family health & wellness and even logistics during the Virtual Worldschooling Summit. Watch our intro video for a better idea of who we are, why we created this virtual summit and what it’s all about. 


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What Can You Expect?

Over the course of five days you will receive valuable information, tips & tricks through the wisdom & experiences that has taken our community members years to cultivate on their own. Consider this a holistic starter’s guide on all things Worldschooling.

We also promise an inspiring journey as you learn insights through  our speaker’s first hand experiences. If you are looking for that last push to get you going, this is it! If you are looking to recharge your family while out on the road, look no further! Wherever you are on your journey, the Virtual Worldschooling Summit is for you. 


some of our amazing speakers!

We don’t believe that any one person can be an expert on the "worldschooling" journey. This is why we have gathered over 50 insightful speakers from within our community to share their expertise & experiences covering the many different topics that encompass worldschooling. Our speakers have expertise in areas ranging from location independence, education & learning, heath & wellness, mindset, family matters & maintaining relationships on the road. Wherever you needs lie, we got you covered.

Yunche Wilson

Adjusting to uncertainty and trusting what comes next

Pierre Echaubard

The Role of Nature, Movement & Mindfulness

Tayo Rockson

Using your Difference to Make a Difference - Raising 3rd Culture Kids

Sue Patterson

Teens, Deschooling & Worldschooling

Karen Ricks

Living a Slow Food Lifestyle & Worldschooling Through Food

Ka & Katie Sundance

6 Figure Entrepreneurs & Worldschoolers

Erika Davis-Pitre

Family Dynamics - The Traveling Unschooler

Kerry McDonald

Parent Supported Learning

Dr. Peter Gray

Playful Learning in the World

Dr. Kate Green

Getting Your Worldschooled Child into University

+ many many more presenters!

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"The summit provided role models to me and to my children so we felt less alone walking this path of wonderful weirdness!!!"


We know how valuable your time is, so we scheduled the entire event around your schedule. Watch each day when you are ready.

  • Sharing Inspirational Tips On Creating A Worldschooling Mindset – Lainie & Miro
  • Using your Difference to Make a Difference – Raising 3rd Culture Kids – Tayo Rockson
  • Building Community in Meixco – Patty & Christian Rojas
  • Building a Worldschooling Hub – The Importance of Community – Elin Morgan
  • Family Travel Tips, Tricks And Hacks – Sandi Falin
  • Tech, Gadgets & More –Christopher Maguire
  • How To Prepare Your Worldschooling Finances & More! – Nora Dunn
  • Family House Sitting – The Normans
  • Traveling with Toddlers – Catherine Ryan Gregory
  • Adjusting to Uncertainty & Trusting What Comes Next – Yunche Wilson
  • Preparation & Travel With A Child with Special Medical Requirements –

    Lucie Tatransky

  • Creating an Entrepreneurial Mindset for Worldschooling Moms – Adriana Monique Alvarez
  • 6 Figure Entrepreneurs & Worldschoolers – Ka & Katie Sundance
  • Discover a Meaningful, Remote Career –Jonathan Magnin
  • Abundance through Virtual Summits & More –Augustas Klingys
  • Why Worldschooling Parents are in the Perfect Position to Start An Online Coaching Business –Jonathan Van Viegen
  • Balancing Family & Online, SEO Work as a Digital Nomad Family  – Colin Clapp
  • Legal Basics for Location Independence – Elizabeth Potts Weinstein
  • Creating an online business to fund travels – A single Mom’s Tale – Lizz Quain
  • Creating a Socially Responsible Project – Carrien Blue
  • Empowering Self, Single Moms & Building A Community Of Support On The Road – Amoya Knudson
  • How to Manage a Healthy Family Relationship While Worldschooling- Jonathan Van Viegen
  • Cultivating Calm Cognitions While Traveling: Mindfully Supporting Your Child’s Executive Functions – Maggie Schwalbach
  • Staying Healthy on the Road with Nutrition and the Tiny Green ChefAzizi Birkland
  • The Importance of Family Culture & Strong Family RelationshipsSal & Alissa Vasquez
  • Designing a  Success MindsetJonathon Kendall
  • Maintaining Balance for Dads on the Road- Martin Cooke
  • Staying Healthy with Plants & Herbs –  Bevin Clare
  •  Family Relationship DynamicsFatima Mookadam
  • Yoga & Fitness Matters for Worldschooling Families on the Go-Devon Harris
  • Navigating Travel – Inspiration on the Road – Holly Hudson
  • Confidence to Step Out of the Educational Box – A Candid Conversation – Peter Gray 
  • Getting Your Worldschooled Child into University – Dr. Kate Green
  • Parent Supported Learning-Kerry McDonald
  • Self Taught – Jeremy Stewart
  • How to Take the Road Less Traveled While Living and Learning All the Time – Erika Davis-Pitre
  • Worldschooling and Deschooling Teens on the Road – Sue Patterson
  • Raising Bilingual Children –Rita Rosenback
  • Supporting Worldschooling through Project Based Learning – Samantha Cook
  • Supporting Student-Centered Learning –Alvaro Lopez
  • Creating a Worldschooling & Homeschooling CurriculumDr. Danielle Davis
  • Self Education for Excellence – Why You Might Be Considering a Life-long Learning Approach with Your Kids –Allyson McQuinn, DHHP, DMH, JAOH
  • The Role of Nature, Movement & Mindfulness- supporting Transformative Education as a Worldschooler – Pierre Echaubard
  • Family Field Trip –Erin Austen Abbott
  • Living a Slow Food Lifestyle & Worldschooling Through Food –Karen Ricks
  • Creative Traveling Elena Paschinger
  • Map Making with Kids: Belonging in the World – Heather Korb
  • Helping Worldschooling Parents Curate a Worldschooling Library-Anna Geller
  • Benefits of Incorporating Family Play Through Tabletop Gaming Into Your Worldschooling LifestyleTyler Woodson
  • The Possibilities of Worldschooling as a Single Mom Trina Y Baldwin
  • Choosing A Worldschooling Path, Despite the Odds-Caroline King
  • Overcoming Adversity Through Strengths Based Parenting – Queenie Tan
  • Worldschooler Teen & Young Adult Panel –  7 teens & young adults share their stories, hosted by Lainie & Miro

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About the event organizers

We’re your hosts, Lainie Liberti & Miro Siegel, and we are beyond excited to welcome you here today for our free online community event taking place from the 10th to the 14th of February, 2020! We are a mother and son duo who have been worldschooling for over a decade now and just wished that something like this existed when we first started out.

Together we facilitate a vibrant worldschoolers group on Facebook called We Are Worldschoolers, and have also run and organized 6, physical, in-person worldschooling community summits all around the world to date. We do this all to support our beautiful community. We are excited  you’re here and hope you learn as much as we did in the process of putting this summit together. If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line here. We read EVERY message and respond as quickly as we can.

 We left on our worldschooling journey in 2009 and have unintentionally fallen into this lifestyle. With over 11 years and 40 countries to date, we have no plans of stopping any time soon.

We have given talks at numerous conferences and gatherings, including a TEDx talk in 2017 which has nearly 100k views on YouTube. 


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• Believe there is more to life than grinding away at 9:00-5;00 and missing out on your kid’s childhood

• Have thought about worldschooling, but you are feeling overwhelmed & uncertain; not knowing where to start 

• Are struggling to find a sustainable balance with your family and loved ones.

• Are feeling anxious about keeping up with education and learning on the road

• Are worried about staying healthy on the road

If you resonated with any of these struggles, the Virtual Worldschooling Summit is for you.

Sign up now to gain free access to all of the amazing talks, interviews, sessions and support.

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Exit the Rat Race & Give Your Family the World in 2020!

Here's some of what you'll learn about during the Virtual Worldschooling Summit:

Valuable info and resources specifically designed for worldschoolers in one convenient place.

Travel-Compatible Educational Approaches

Learn about the myriad of learning styles and educational approaches employed by members of our community to support your children in having a world-class education and put your mind at ease.

The Basics of Worldschooling & How to Get Started

Everything you need to know to start your journey off on the right foot. Even if you’re already traveling, you can gain valuable tips, tricks and hacks surrounding money management, housesitting, building community and more.

Transforming the World into your Classroom

Think about this: the world is the greatest classroom conceivable. We are reframing this conversation and giving you all the tips you need to help you contextualize these incredible experiences into learning opportunities for you and your family.

Location Independence & Financial Sustainability

“But how do you make a living?” This is, by far the most common question that worldschoolers receive. During the summit we’re going to be hearing different people answer this question, and talk about how they found success in a variety of interesting ways.

Maintaining Family & Health on the Road

Strengthen your family relationships,  your connection with your kids and partners and apply self care for your own mind, body, heart and soul. How can we begin to be conscious and present in the world, if we are not that with oursleves and our loved ones?

Tap Into Worldschooling Inspiration

Draw wonder and inspiration from fantastic, personal stories of those that have taken the leap and overcome adversity, challenges, obstacles and pitfalls against all odds. Everybody’s got a story to tell. Let’s help you tell it.

Join Us Online, for the Worldschooling Event of a Lifetime!


Most frequent questions and answers

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The Virtual Worldschooling Summit begins February 10th, 2020 and runs through February 14th.

Each day ‘s sessions will unlock for 48 hours to assure you have time to watch and listen to all of the interviews.
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This summit is specifically designed for Worldschoolers by Worldschoolers. If you are thinking about a this lifestyle and are not sure where to start, this Virtual Summit is for you.

If you are already worldshooling and realized you need some support, this Virtual Summit is for you too.

We remember the stresses we felt and understand the problems worldschoolers often face: from logistics to community, education to balance, we are seeking to support our community (that’s you!).

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Don’t forget, included in the  Virtual Worldschooling Summit are over 40 hours of content from 50+ presenters on a wide range of topics, as well as various downloads and offers to support you on your Worldschooling journey. This Virtual Summit will prove to be a valuable asset to anyone who is currently Worldschooling or just interested in getting started.

Photo credits and a special thanks to Worldschoolers Carolyn Bookholt & Carla Martinez for use of their family images on this site. As special thanks to Royalty Free Music from Bensound