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This is why we have compiled an amazing list of bonus content and offerings from our incredible speakers. Ranging from downloadable PDFs, to exclusive videos, these bonuses should help give you that additional push to give your family the world.

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Eight Worldschooling Families

INSPIRATION BOOK: Meet 8 worldschooling families, read their inspirational stories and explore the different ways worldschooling looks. 84 beautiful pages designed to inspire.  -DOWNLOAD HERE-.

Bonus Videos

These 3 conversations were taken from the video  interview show Lainie Liberti hosted from 2015 – 2018 called For the Love of Learning – Voices of the Alternative Education Movement. These panel interviews are not available online anywhere and live solely in Lainie’s personal archives.  She has opted to share 3 of her favorite episodes as a bonus for the Virtual Worldschooling Summit All Access members.

Learning & Video Games - Bonus Video

Parents, teens and the well known evolutionary psychologist Dr. Peter Gray discuss learning through video games.

Video games are an intrinsic part of today’s culture and no indication that they are going away anytime soon. Still, there are two schools of thoughts about them. Those that believe video games are a positive aspect to people’s lives, and those that believe they are negative.

As the gaming industry becomes bigger and better, kids are growing up with video games on their computers, tablets, and smartphones and consoles. Learning systems are being designed to mimic games, and in turn, games are integrated into our daily lives in so many ways. Since video games have the capacity to engage children, teens and adults alike, there are more and more positive outcomes attributed to gaming than once thought possible.

The benefits of playing video games have been considered by the experts for years, research dating from the early 1980s has consistently shown that playing video games produces more agility, improved hand-eye co-ordination and raises players’ self-esteem. Others argue that video games boost memory, support cognitive health and sharpen decision making.

However, most reported effects of video games – particularly in the popular press – appear to centre upon the alleged negative consequences, like addition to playing, desensitization to violence and less time outside or in nature. We explore the truth behind those claims in this wonderful conversation.

Lifelong Playfulness - Bonus Video

A  candid conversation between the late Bernard De Koven, a visionary author, mystic and champion of fun, and Dr. Peter Gray, a research professor of psychology at Boston College who has conducted and published research in neuroendocrinology, developmental psychology, anthropology, and education. 

As different as these two men may sound on paper, their work intercept in the most “playful” ways. Watch / listen to this extraordinary conversation.

Deschooling - Bonus Video

Today, most that choose unschooling do so consciously. However there are aspects related to unschooling that connect to our subconscious. Most new families that come to unschooling, experience old belief systems coming up through their interactions with their children and themselves that are not consistent with the unschooling philosophy. Bringing attention and awareness to these thought and behavior patterns and making a conscious choice to change these old paradigms of thinking is a crucial part of unschooling. Many refer to this process of examining and letting go of their old beliefs systems as the process of deschooling.

What is deschooling?

Deschooling specifically refers to a period of time that requires adjustments in the thinking from the family and children just after they’ve been removed from school settings. Some experts believe the period of time needed for children is a month equal to the years they have been in traditional school. For example, if a child went to school through the 6 grade, it would take six months of deschooling before the child is free from school-based thinking.

But for the parents, deschooling can last much longer. Parents need to unlearn concepts and beliefs about the nature and purpose of education. Mostly that translates to how unschooling parents must move into facilitator or partnership role with their children in regards to their education versus the standing in the traditional role of a teacher.

Deschooling is important for those transitioning out of formal education as children and parents need time to adjust to the new arrangement.


Sue Patterson's Worldschooling Teen's Guide

Sue Patterson has modified her mini e-book Everything Counts to specifically address Worldschooling Families of teens. You’ll find this to be a fabulous way to take your teen’s education on the road without worrying that they’re “missing something.”  Don’t miss the correlating webpage she has set up for those of us who want to dive even deeper packed with lots of learning resources, links and information.

Azizi Birkeland's Healthy Travel Guide

Includes Azizi’s favorite carry-on items for prevention and common illness remedies and 5 kitchen pantry items she find everywhere she goes to stock her natural medicine cabinet.
Download the guide here-.

Lainie & Miro's Family Culture Guide

Helpful document on how to build a strong, healthy family culture. Download the worksheet

Tayo Rockson's Course Discounts

Incredible discount offer from Tayo Rockson on his Third Culture Courses.

Enter the following coupon “voice97” to get “The Year Of Your Voice” for $97 (normally $300!) 
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Sandi Falin's Cheat Sheet

Get the best travel hacks downloadable cheat sheet for 2020.
Download the TryNSomethingNew bonus and simplify your travels. 

Nora Dunn's Free Course

Sign up for a free two-week email course about financially sustainable travel!
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The Traveling Normans Amazing Discount

25% Discount off of annual membership Trusted House Sitters! Wow!
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Adriana Monique Alverez's Exclusive Invite

Exclusive invitation for women worldschoolers to join the Rich Witch Influencer Facebook Group.

Colin Clapp's SEO Service Discount

$500 off any SEO/online marketing work subject to $1500 minimum project spend; e.g SEO site audit and review, keyword strategic analysis.
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Elizabeth Potts Weinstein - Small Business Law

Download the Small Business Legal Checklist, a Must for all Digital Nomads!

Download the checklist here.

Lizz Quain - Digital Nomad Funding Consultation

Get a Complimentary 15 minute call and receive a download outlining  200 digital nomad jobs. Use this link to schedule your call and access the document:

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Conscious Parenting Consultants- Sal & Alissa Vasquez Offer

Get 25% off the SuperHero Training Kit!

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Devon Harris- Meditation Support Group

You are invited to join an exclusive online meditation group! Click to request to join. Be sure to indicate you are from the Virtual Worldschooling Summit!
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Kate Green's Worldschooler's High School Transcript Course

Create your teen’s high school transcript, join Dr. Kate Green’s course which includes downloadable documents, videos, and a one-hour consultation with her. For Virtual Worldschooling Conference participants, the discount cost is $99 USD, normally priced at  $149

Please jump onto my website and look at “courses” and you will see the High School Transcript course listed. Then use the code – 50offhstc – to receive one third off the normal price.
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Self Taught - Documentary Discount

Get a special discount on a digital copy of Jeremy’s Latest Film, ‘Self-Taught’ (which Miro Siegel is featured in)! Film director Jeremy is  offering $4 off the price of a digital download, bringing the price to $10.99 instead of $14.99. What a deal!

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Rita Rosenback- Free Book Offer - Limited Time

Unitil the 14th of August, sign up to receive the book “How to Raise Confident Multicultural Children”  for Free  -Here-

Samantha Cook - Book Discount - Limited Time!

Special conference offer! Receive 25% off Project-Based Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact with code worldschool2020 

Offer good from 2/10/20 through 2/20/20! To order the e-book or print book, please visit -this link- 

Pierre Echaubard to Discount Nature Minded Programs

10% off on any  Nature Mind-ED programs in 2020 check out programs here, then message Pierre to apply discount

Erin Austen Abbott Book Discount

Get  10% off  the book. The Family Field Trip: Explore Art, Food, Music, and Nature with Kids (Child Raising and Parenting Book, Montessori and World Schooling Book, Summer Vacation Guide) will be out in April, 2020. 

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Karen Ricks - Our Kitchen Classroom Features

Get a free copy Karen’s ebook called “How to Raise a Free-Range Global Citizen the Montessori Way” for FREE! Please go to her site and use the code Worldschooling022020 to receive the ebook for free! This offer expires on 22 February, 2020, so you better get your copy NOW. Access the special here.

Maggie Schwalbach - Executive Functioning

Is your child in a behavioral rut? Download  5 Ways to Fix Negative Behaviors 


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