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education & learning

Dr. Peter Gray
Evolutionary Psychologist

Playful learning, the world actually  is our classroom

Dr. Kate Green
Education Consultant
Getting Your Worldschooled Child into University
Kerry McDonald
Author & Education Policy Advocate

Parent Supported Learning on the road and at home

Jeremy Stewart
Film Director
Self-directed education & intrinsic motivation explored through the new documentary ‘Self-Taught’.
Erika Davis-Pitre
Unschooling Advocate
How to Take the Road Less Traveled While Living and Learning All the Time
Sue Patterson
Author & Unschooling Coach
Worldschooling & Deschooling with Teens on the Road
Rita Rosenback
Language Coach / Author
Tricks and strategies to raise multilingual children whilst traveling abroad.
Pierre Echaubard
Health Ecologist & Nature Based Learning Advocate

The Role of Nature, Movement & Mindfulness- supporting Transformative Education as a Worldschooler

Samantha Cook
Author & Educator
Supporting Worldschooling through Project Based Learning
Erin Austen Abbott
Family Field Trip- exploration in food, art, nature, design and culture whilst traveling or at home!
Alvaro Lopez
Harkness Institute
Supporting Student-Centered Learning
Dr. Dannielle Davis
Associate Professor

Creating Worldschooling & Homeschooling Curriculum

worldschooling basics

Lainie & Miro
Worldschooling Advocates
Sharing insprational tips on creating a worldschooling mindset
Tayo Rockson
Author & Speaker
Using your Difference to Make a Difference – Raising 3rd Culture Kids
Patty & Christian Rojas
Anahata Worldschooling Community

Hosting community in Mexico

Elin Morgan
Founder of Worldschool Hub Andalusia
Building a Worldschooling Hub – The Importance of Community
Sandi Falin

Valuable family travel tips, tricks & hacks!

Christopher Maguire
Worldschooling Dad & Musician

Tech, gadgets and apps, all to make your travel a little easier 

Nora Dunn
The Professional Hobo

How To Prepare Your Worldschooling Finances & More!

The Normans
The Traveling Normans

Learn how to save money and housesit your way around the globe!

family & health

Jonathan Van Viegen
Therapist, Digital Nomad​

How to Manage a Healthy Family Relationship While Worldschooling

Azizi Birkeland
Transformational Health Coach
Explore nutritional cooking for kids & grow a healthy appetite for whole plant based foods
Sal & Alissa Vasquez
Conscious Parenting Consultants
Creating a loving, happy, conscious family with intention
Jonathon Kendall

Creating a growth mindset in support of greater flexibility on the road, and more!

Martin Cooke
Worldschooling Dad

Supporting mental & emotional health for worldschooling dads

Catherine Ryan Gregory
Mom, Writer, Storyteller & Entrepreneur.

Family conversation starters to build bonds, trust and connectedness. 

Maggie Schwalbach
Executive Function Coach
Cultivating Calm Cognitions while Traveling: Mindfully supporting your child’s executive functions
Allyson Mcquinn
Physician of Heilkunst Medicine, Author

Self Education for Excellence – Why You Might Be Considering a Life-long Learning Approach with Your Kids

Bevin Clare
Herbalist, Nutritionist, Professor & Wanderer

Staying Healthy on the Road with Herbs & Spices 

Fatima Mookadam
3-D Well-Being Coach​

Incorporating healthy family dynamics while on the road with your children.

location independence

Adriana Monique Alvarez
Author, Publisher & Consultant

Developing a Success Business Mindset

Ka & Katie Sundance
6 Figure Entrepreneurs

Take control, step into creating an exciting life doing what you love & get paid

Jonathan Magnin
You're Closer Than You Think
Discover a Meaningful, Remote Career
Augustas Kligys
Virtual Summits

Inspiring us to overcome  financial fears by switching our mindset to one of abundance

Jonathan Van Viegen
Therapist, Digital Nomad
Why Worldschooling Parents are in the Perfect Position to Start An Online Coaching Business
Colin Clapp
Digital Nomad Dad
Balancing family and online, SEO work as a digital nomad family
Elizabeth Potts Weinstein
Small Business Law

Stay legal and location independent!

Lizz Quain
Worldschooling Mom, Consultant

Creating an online business to fund travels – A single Mom’s Tale

transforming the world into a classroom

Tyler Woodson
Board Game Lover

Benefits of incorporating family play through table top gaming into your worldschooling

Anna Geller
Literary Agent

Helping worldschooling parents curate a worldschooling library

Heather Korb
Architect , Urban Planner & Worldschooling Mom
Map-Making with Kids: Belonging in the World
Elena Paschinger
Creative Traveling
Incorporate art, dancing, cooking, etc. into the process of traveling, & change the way families approach the world.
Karen Ricks​
Nomadic Chef & Montessorian
Living a Slow Food Lifestyle & Worldschooling Through Food


Amoya Knudson
Single Moms DO Travel!

Empowering self, single moms & building a community of support on the road

Trina Y Baldwin
Host of WorldschoolTV
The Possibilities of Worldschooling as a Single Mom
Caroline King
Worldschooling Mom
Choosing A Worldschooling Path, Despite the Odds
Queenie Tan
Author, Speaker, Teacher
Overcoming Adversity Through Strengths Based Parenting
Carrien Blue​
Non-Profit Organization Founder

Creating a Socially Responsible Project 

Yunche Wilson
Worldschooling Mom
Adjusting to uncertainty and trusting what comes next

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