Christopher Maguire

Session Title:

Tech, Gadgets & More

Session Description:  In this talk, worldschooling dad Christopher Maguire talks about all of the tools (both digital and physical) that he travels with to make his worldschooling load lighter.

What You Can Expect:

  • Great resources and ideas for things to travel with
  • Learn about particularly useful apps for worldschoolers
  • Consider digital alternatives to banking, phone plans, etc.
  • Learn how to adapt to the things you find yourself lacking on the road

Christopher Maguire

Christopher is 56 years old and has degrees in physics and computer science. He writes software for a living,  was the singer and guitar player in a blues band for almost 20 years, and still sings and plays whenever he can. Other passions of his include billiards and board games.

He married Angela almost 12 years ago, and discovered that the trick to having a great life was saying yes to her big ideas.  Following that strategy, they bought a beautiful big house and had 2 beautiful boys: Jamison and Oliver. Ten years later they sold their house, and started this big adventure.

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