Elin Morgan

Session Title:

Building a Worldschooling Hub - The Importance of Community

Session Description: Community builder Elin Morgan describes the richness of being supported and supporting others, and shares why the idea of community building is a skill imperative to worldschoolers everywhere.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn about the importance of finding community on the road
  • Gain perspective on the perks of forming a base while traveling
  • Find out how to normalize the Worldschooling experience for your family
  • Learn about what it’s like to be a part of a Worldschooling hub

Elin Morgan

In 2013, Elin and her son Kavi (and two old cats) took their adventures on the road, leaving NYC for the delights of Mexico on the first leg of their Worldschooling life and have never looked back! Elin has always unschooled and worldschooled her now 14 year old son – first based in New York City, and then in Mexico and since 2014 in Andalucia, Spain, with many countries and experiences in between.

In 2017 Elin & Kavi created and launched WorldSchool Hub Andalucia (WSHA) – the first Worldschooling Hub of its kind. WSHA brings together hundreds of diverse but likeminded Worldschooling families in Andalucia to make friends and build relationships between Worldschoolers while exploring and enjoying the wonders of the region & culture. By providing friendships, information, support, opportunities and activities galore, WSHA helps Worldschooling families to infuse into, and to soak up, the local culture and create rich experiences in true Worldschooling style.

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