The Normans

Session Title:

Family House Sitting

Session Description: During this discussion, the Normans share some of the intricacies of house sitting as a family, and what that often entails. How to do it, who can do it, why should you do it; these are the questions that they seek to answer.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn about house-sitting and pet-sitting in general
  • Discover the hidden benefits of house-sitting
  • Learn how to find house-sits and get approved
  • Understand the inherent cultural benefits of house-sitting

The Normans

For the last four years, the Norman family has been running wild around the world, travelling full time after giving up everything they owned back in the UK. For the Normans, there’s nothing more exciting than exploring new destinations, meeting new friends, discovering amazing cultures and experiencing adventure around this wonderful planet.

Stepping out of their mainstream lifestyle and into the unknown has been a wonderful adventure in itself but connecting with people around the world from different backgrounds and cultures to their own has been the most outstanding highlight of their nomadic life so far.

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