Carrien Blue

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Session Title:

Creating a Socially Responsible Project

Session Description: Having created a responsible non-profit organization, Carrien shares her experience with ethical service as a worldschooling family on the road.

Be Inspired By:

  • A family who gave up everything to serve
  • How one family started a humanitarian movement in Thailand
  • A cause focused on bettering the lives of others
  • Their efforts to challenge the status quo, instead of perpetuating it

Carrien Blue

arrien lives in a big pink house in the country near a small town on the Thai/Myanmar border with her husband, their 6 children, 1 little snake hunting dog, and an indeterminate and ever changing number of cats. Her children spend their days climbing fruit trees, reading in hammocks, drawing, writing, painting, building things out of anything they can find, using online resources to build math and science skills, cooking, baking, alternately embracing and resisting the acquisition of a second language, and constantly asking if they can watch shows. They have never attended a traditional school. 

In 2010 Carrien founded the The Charis Project with her husband Aaron. In 2013 they moved their whole family to Thailand, just 7km from the Myanmar border, to better lead the programs they were developing. The Charis Project works to protect children through a holistic series of interventions for families in crisis that help to heal and strengthen families and give them the courage to stay together.

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