Jonathan Van Viegen

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Session Title:

Why Worldschooling Parents are in the Perfect Position to Start An Online Coaching Business

Session Description: In this talk, therapist and traveling dad Jonathan Van Viegen talks about how he supports his family’s international travels, and how worldschooling parents can find themselves in a great jumping-off point to start their own coaching business.

What You Can Expect:

  • Understand why Social Media is important to a coaching business
  • Identify the value in your personal experiences and how they can help others
  • Learn about the specific skill set required to effectively coach others
  • Find out about some of the pitfalls online coaches suffer from

Jonathan Van Viegen

Founder of the Online Therapist Academy, Jonathan helps therapists all over the world grow their online therapy and coaching businesses. He also provides therapy and coaching services to world-schooling families and other clients.

Jonathan built a successful brick-and-mortar therapy practice in Canada before selling it all to travel full-time with his family. He, his wife, and two adorable girls have been to Belize, Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand, and are now living in Japan for a little while.

After struggling initially to build an online practice, Jonathan used his background in business development, marketing, and sales to learn everything there is to know about marketing yourself online. Now he is teaching other therapists how to do the same.

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