Lizz Quain

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Session Title:

Creating an online business to fund travels

Session Description: Out of hours of creative investigation, Lizz’ shares her research and ideas for creating income streams and location independent work for worldschooling families.

What You Can Expect:

  • Draw inspiration from a well researched list of ideas for sustaining your travels
  • Explore different possibilities for a location independent profession
  • Skip some of the process of doing the research by hand

Lizz Quain

Lizz Quain is a digital nomad and worldschooling single parent to 10 year old twin girls. In her lifetime, she’s traveled to over 45 countries throughout 6 continents and lived in several countries. She and her twins have been traveling for most of the past 3 years visiting 13 countries. Prior to embarking upon this amazing lifestyle, Lizz launched and ran a large children’s play café and preschool for several years outside of Seattle. She also has over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing roles working in SF, LA and NYC. Lizz is currently working a remote full time job, selling products on Amazon and teaching English online. Her aim is to raise her children to become free thinking entrepreneurs and global citizens.

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