Devon Harris

Session Title:

Yoga & Fitness Matters for Worldschooling Families on the Go

Session Description: In this session, Devon Harris (yoga and wellness practitioner) speaks about the importance of keeping a daily practice that is independent from being at home or at the gym. Tune in for some helpful information on managing time, commitment and mindfulness while on the road.

What You Can Expect:

  • Understand the importance of keeping a daily practice on the road
  • Learn some tips on time management and keeping commitments
  • Learn how to integrate your daily practice with your family
  • Encourage mindfulness and consideration within your family culture

Devon Harris

Devon holds a degree in the field of Child and Adolescent Development and has amassed a couple of decades of experience working one to one with young people from all over the world in the context of wellbeing, autonomy, radical self responsibility and self care.

She is an expert contributor for the Athlete’s Village, advising top athletes, Olympians and world champions on how to relate to their own children as well as those they coach and provides tips, tricks, and hacks to anyone who’ll listen.

Devon has been a passionate worldschooler with her 5 year old, since birth and loves to brag that he learned to ride his bike in the mouth of an extinct volcano and taught himself to read on the public transit system.

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