Fatima Mookadam

Session Title:

Family Relationship Dynamics

Session Description: By using something called ‘3D Well-Being,’ Fatima describes how she is able to incorporate healthy family dynamics while on the road with her children.

What You Can Expect:

  • Understand how well-being is multidimensional and multi-faceted
  • Examine the connection between worldschooling and interpersonal relationships
  • Learn how to manage the stresses that come with travel in a healthy manner
  • Understand the importance of cultural differences when worldschooling,and how to adapt that to your own family

Fatima Mookadam

Fatima has over 15 years of experience in industries ranging from HR, and medical, to IT, and NPO’s, to name a few. Her background is in technology, skills training, and business operations in the corporate world. 

She left that all behind to pursue an insatiable curiosity about human potential. She is passionate about a multitude of things, including writing, blogging, psychology, lifelong learning, spirituality, holistic wellness, and philanthropy. Fatima is a certified Life Coach who coaches for 3D Wellbeing, Authentic and Purposeful Living, and Personal empowerment!


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