Jonathan Van Viegen

Session Title:

How to Manage a Healthy Family Relationship While Worldschooling

Session Description: Therapist Jonathan shares easy to use techniques on how to maintain a healthy family relationship on the road, and provides tangible how-tos for worldschooling families to use on the road.

What You Can Expect:

  • Pick up a handful of useful tips for maintaining family relationships on the road
  • Learn ways to better identify the needs of the people in your family
  • Discover techniques to improve your social systems
  • Learn to spot relationship problems and triggers before they can affect your travels

Jonathan Van Viegen

Founder of the Online Therapist Academy, Jonathan helps therapists all over the world grow their online therapy and coaching businesses. He also provides therapy and coaching services to world-schooling families and other clients.

Jonathan built a successful brick-and-mortar therapy practice in Canada before selling it all to travel full-time with his family. He, his wife, and two adorable girls have been to Belize, Mexico, Vietnam, and Thailand, and are now living in Japan for a little while.

After struggling initially to build an online practice, Jonathan used his background in business development, marketing, and sales to learn everything there is to know about marketing yourself online. Now he is teaching other therapists how to do the same.

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