Maggie Schwalbach

Session Title:

Cultivating Calm Cognitions while Traveling: Mindfully supporting your child's executive functions

Session Description:  Maggie Schwalbach discusses how to support your child’s executive functions while traveling and explores how this topic applies specifically to worldschooling families. This is a conversation that will benefit both children and adults.

What You Can Expect:

  • Pick up useful tools to manage family relationships and overall well-being
  • Understand the world of executive functions and why it’s important to Worldschoolers
  • Learn a little about nuero-biology and how it can sometimes dictate our actions
  • Discover ways to deal with and manage feelings of overwhelm

Maggie Schwalbach

Maggie Schwalbach, MA – With over fifteen years of experience, Maggie’s expertise in educational consulting has brought her around the world. Named an Ambassadorial Scholar, Maggie completed her MA in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies with the United Nations University for Peace where she designed a masters thesis which brought media literacy curricula into public school classrooms as a non-violent intervention strategy for young people. 

Deeply concerned with the growing number of overwhelmed, distressed, and distracted students, Maggie earned executive functioning certification from the Rush Neurobehavioral Center and founded her own company, North Shore Executive Functioning. Her focus on accessible, compassionate psychoeducation is based on her conviction that meaningful change stems from connection and empowerment. As a speaker and coach, Maggie works privately with clients, both in-person and online, and regularly consults with school districts and parent groups.

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