Sal & Alissa Vasquez

Session Title:

The Importance of Family Culture & Creating Relationships

Session Description: Coaches and parents Sal & Alissa Vasquez speak about the importance of a healthy family culture, and share helpful pointers on how to better nurture one.

What You Can Expect:

  • Engage in a deep conversation surrounding how we connect with each other as families
  • Truly examine the importance of maintaining a growth based family culture
  • Learn about ways to model positive behaviors for your children
  • Understand how family culture in early childhood can greatly impact your child’s life path

Sal & Alissa Vasquez​

Sal and Alissa Vasquez are Professional Life Coaches who have been teaching workshops and coaching individuals and organizations for over a decade about the principles of transformation, both individually, and in the context of family. Their desire is to help families wake up, live consciously, have fun, and be free; while doing it in a way that honors the challenges; seeing them as opportunities for growth. They help clients craft their family story and come alongside them to live more intentionally. Sal and Alissa desire to see families thrive- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. They are the creators of SuperHero Training, a process and Time-In-Tool, that helps children and parents age 3-11 navigate their emotions, and be at the creation of their lives. 

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