Alvaro Lopez

Session Title:

Supporting Student-Centered Learning

Session Description: Alvaro Lopez draws from his experience at the Harkness Institute to talk about how worldschoolers can use the modality to better create a personalized, student-centered education.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn about and adapt the Harkness Institute’s unique modality
  • Learn about the importance of self-chosen educational paths
  • Understand the benefits of a social-learning environment
  • Discover innovative ways to make learning interesting and relevant
  • Find out how to encourage self-structured learning

Alvaro Lopez

Alvaro has a deep understanding of how history, economics and geopolitics intertwine. He is committed to the betterment of education in Mexico. At Harkness Vallarta he was an instructor in business and comparative politics where he developed his passion for teaching. He is an avid reader of Roman history and Latin American literature.  

He is the recipient of the Rowe Award for outstanding accomplishment in Latin American Studies and the William Manger Latin American Studies Award for most outstanding thesis from the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University and the winner of the Lang Fund Business Plan competition from Columbia Business School.



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