Dr. Kate Green

Session Title:​

Getting Your Worldschooled Child into University

Session Description:  In this conversation, Dr. Kate Green will share tips and strategies on how to combat that age-old question: “How will your alternatively educated child ever get into college?”

What You Can Expect:

  • Find out about some of the challenges specific to homeschoolers and unschoolers attempting to pursue a higher education
  • Learn some of the specifics on transcribing and compartmentalizing your worldschooling experiences into an appealing application
  • Pick up some incredibly useful information on getting your alternatively educated child into college

Kate Green

Dr. Kate Green is a mother of four boys (31, 29, 23 and 16) and one girl (13) who have grown up learning freely and living and traveling in multiple places around the world. She has been working in education for almost 30 years and has taught online and face-to-face courses on three continents from preschool to doctoral level. 

Dr. Kate has a PhD in human ecology/child development from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville; an MS in educational leadership from Troy University, Alabama (Hawaii campus); a BS in psychology from Excelsior University, NY; and AA degrees in public relations and journalism from the Community College of the Air Force. She currently teaches educators at the master’s and PhD levels and enjoys opening perspectives to playful, self-directed, and meaningful learning for people of all ages, and is also a huge proponent of travel learning and Worldschooling.

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