Samantha Cook

Session Title:

Supporting Worldschooling through Project Based Learning

Session Description: In this conversation, teacher and mom Samantha Cook shares the project-based approach, an approach that she believes can benefit worldschoolers all over the globe.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn about the cornerstones of Project-Based Learning
  • Understand the role of the parent within this unique educational paradigm
  • Observe how context and intrinsic motivation can change a child’s relationship to learning as a whole

Samantha Cook

Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT, has almost three decades of experience in education, program development, and the arts and has worked with both small and large organizations to create educational programming that centers and connects the learner to concepts and skills. She has taught in classrooms and in private workshops, mentored other educators, and worked for and with many museums including the Smithsonian. Samantha has two teens and one preteen, all home educated; the oldest of whom has recently fledged into college. To see her past and current projects, including her blog, her book on Project-Based Learning, and Pandia Press History Odyssey curriculum, please visit  or on social media: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

To order Project-Based Learning: Creating a Modern Education of Curiosity, Innovation, and Impact by Samantha Matalone Cook, MAT, and Blair Lee, M.S., please visit the SEA Books and More website!

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Project-based learning

What does it mean to be well-educated, when facts are available at the touch of a button?

How can we come to a deeper understanding of our world amid the modern, massive stream of incoming information?

Co-authors Sam Cook & Blair Lee believe we need a paradigm shift for how we approach teaching and learning.

You can find Samantha’s book, Project-Based Learning here.


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