Caroline King

Session Title:

Choosing A Worldschooling Path, Despite the Odds

Session Description: In an inspirational and heart-wrenching story, Caroline King serves as a beacon of hope and strength for those who feel unsupported in their life choices.

Be Inspired By:

  • One family’s decision to go against the norm
  • How they dealt with the backlash and criticism
  • How a single choice about education changed everything

Caroline King

Caroline King is from Sweden and married to an Englishman with whom she has 3 boys. The King family used to live and run a business in Sweden, but were forced to leave Sweden since any education outside the state curriculum is forbidden and it wasnt an option for their children with the Swedish school system. They found out about “worldschooling” at Lainies and Miros speech when they were attending an unschooling conference in the USA in 2013 and it made perfect sense. They also rearranged their business so they could work from anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. They travelled in about 40 countries with the kids and lived completely nomadic for 1.5 years when they left Sweden in 2015, but since the latest addition to the family in 2017 the family has given the many travel plans a break. They are happy in their new base where the husband Paul is mostly doing the work, while Caroline is unschooling the kids and running worldschooling activities for families in Prague.

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