Elena Paschinger

Session Title:

creative traveling

Session Description: Author Elena Paschinger discusses ways to incorporate things like art, dancing, cooking, etc. into the process of traveling, and allowing these interests to change the way families approach the world.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn how to travel creatively, regardless of artistic ability
  • Gain a new sense of confidence from familial creativity
  • Understand the overlap of creativity and learning
  • Discover a greater sense of self through creative exploration

Elena Paschinger

Elena Paschinger is a tourism management graduate from Austria turned travel writer, teacher, business consultant and public speaker. Tracking the exponential growth of creative travel around the world, she has actively participated in developing and promoting creative destinations through her international consulting business. Her most recent achievements include moderating an international panel discussion on creative travel and community development for the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) at ITB Trade Show in Berlin, as well as publishing her first book, The Creative Traveler’s Handbook (Full Flight Press, 2015). Her bilingual blog, Creativelena.com, is as much a personal blog chronicling creative travel as it is a resource website for travel businesses. E-mail: reachme@creativelena.com

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The Creative traveler's handbook

The Creative Traveler’s Handbook provides the first-ever travel guide on creative travel worldwide. Chock full of inspirational stories, travel tips and advice, it offers everything you need for planning and managing your next creative escape, addressing beginners and experienced travelers alike. An indispensable guide to the art of life-seeing instead of sight-seeing.


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