Pierre Echaubard

Session Title:

The Role of Nature, Movement & Mindfulness- supporting Transformative Education as a Worldschooler

Session Description: Researcher and practitioner Pierre Echaubard tells us about the importance of movement, mindfulness and nature and how these things relate to the worldschooling experience.

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn how to promote learning through movement and mindfulness
  • Discover the importance of physical well-being, and how that affects mental states
  • Examine the inherent educational value of being in nature
  • Learn about how ecology ties perfectly into the Worldschooler’s experience

Pierre Echaubard

Pierre is the Program Development Director at Resilient Nomads an initiative inspiring environmental sustainability, and founder of NatureMind-ED a social enterprise offering experiential education programs with an emphasis on mindfulness in nature through outdoor adventure leadership, art, culture and wellness activities. Creative, bold and passionate, his objective is to ad­vance knowledge, communicate innovations and con­tribute to transformative education at the interface between health, the environment and sustainability.

He holds a PhD in Ecology and Health from Cana­da and has coordinated and taught Public health, Global health, Ecology and Sustainability workshops and courses throughout the Southeast Asian region. Pierre has more than 10 years experience practicing Wellness-enhancing outdoor activities, such as Rock- climbing, Freediving and Mindful breathing. He pur­sues Sustainable living as an overarching life-frame. With his wife and two daughters, he has been based in Thailand for the last five years.

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