Queenie Tan

Session Title:

Overcoming Adversity Through Strengths Based Parenting

Session Description: Having learned to support nuero-atypical children by building resilience through worldschooling and travel, Queenie shares her experience abroad with her family in the hopes of helping others do the same.

What You Can Expect:

  • Understand what ‘Strengths Based Parenting’ means exactly
  • Learn about how the learning process can change with neuroatypical children
  • Learn to better identify your family’s unique strengths and challenges
  • Pick up ways to better support your children and yourself in your educational process

Queenie Tan

Queenie Tan is a single mother to Charles and Kevin (ages 14 and 12) and they have been world schooling for the past 3 years now. Queenie is a teacher and teacher trainer by profession, who has reinvented the way she worked so she’s no longer trapped within the 4 walls of the classroom. Now, she’s a parent coach and she also trains teachers by guest lecturing and speaking at conferences all over the world. Despite her dyslexia, Queenie has published 3 books, she has her own podcast with close to 200k downloads and she’s a huge advocate for strengths based parenting for children who are non neurotypical.

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