Teen Panel

Session Title:

Teen Panel

Session Description: In this teen panel, 8 teens and young adults discuss worldschooling, education, cultural exchange and a wide variety of other topics. Worried about how your kids will turn out? Look no further for reassurance.

What You Can Expect:

  • Honest perspectives and opinions on the things that matter to worldschoolers
  • Explorations into a wide variety of difficult subjects
  • Discussion surrounding the positives and negatives of worldschooling

Teen Panel

Meet our panelists:

Bode – 14, worldschooler, science, aeronautics, engineering, geography, skiing – follow him here

Jaci – 16, boat schooler, traveling, oceanography, food enthusiast – follow her here.

Wiley – 21, homeschooler current college student, linguistics, culture, music, travel

Sydney – 20, homeschooler / college student – theater, travel, music, world religions.

Kaitlyn – 16, public schooled, unschooled – geology geography, travel – follow her here.

Evan – 19, public schooled, homeschooled & unschooled – music, audio production

Zoey – 16, self-directed learner, photography, art & design, hiking, outdoors -follow her here


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