Trina Y Baldwin

Session Title:

The Possibilities of Worldschooling as a Single Mom

Session Description: Trina Baldwin takes some time to talk about worldschooling as a single parent and raising a nuero-atypical son abroad.

What You Can Expect:

  • Draw inspiration from one single mom’s journey to set out into the world and do right by her son
  • Learn about some of the educational and logistical tactics they used to make their trip into a reality
  • Gain immense insight into what worldschooling looks like as a single parent

Trina Y Baldwin

Trina Baldwin is an Aussie single mum addicted to travel and the adventures and experiences it offers… and she’s passed that addiction on to her teenage son.

After travelling for a year in a van around the states of Queensland and New South Wales, Australia they decided to take their adventures overseas and are now full time worldschooling digital nomads.


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