Tyler Woodson

Session Title:

Benefits of Incorporating Family Play Through Tabletop Gaming Into Your Worldschooling Lifestyle

Session Description: Join gaming dad Tyler Woodson in an exploration into the educational value and power of family play and boardgaming, and learn how to have some fun yourself while learning at the same time.

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Travel Games

Cooperative Games  

Things you can Learn Gameschooling

What You Can Expect:

  • Learn about the concept of Gameschooling and how it pertains to Worldschooling
  • Understand the familial and educational value that gaming as a family can provide
  • Discover the different types of learning that Gameschooling can enhance
  • Gain a few pointers on where to start gaming with your family

Tyler Woodson

Tyler is a dad in a homeschooling family who loves board games and traveling!  He blogs about board games and his family’s gameschooling journey at kidsloveboardgames.com.  Connect with him on social media facebook, instagram, or pinterest!

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